Monday, September 8, 2014

Essential Oils for Babies

Teething:  Easing the pain of teething is something that all parents face.  Thieves, Melaleuca, German Chamomile mixed with carrier oil and applied often to the teething area will help soothe gums.  Also try: Copaiba (rub on without carrier oil).
Ear Infection:  Lavender, Melrose or Purification rubbed around the outside of the ear and down the side of the neck. Lavender helps to encourage the fluid  (that’s causing the discomfort) to drain and to reduce any congestion. Melrose or Purification work to kill any infection in the ear. Remember to use the oils often.
Eczema: Melrose or Lavender applied to the area daily. Apply as often as you feel necessary. I apply three times a day with my daughter. Remember that there is more to helping eczema, look into food allergies and even candida
Diaper Rash:  It’s not always possible to air out babies bum when there is diaper rash. Lavender and Melaleuca with carrier oil will not only soothe diaper rash but also help the redness go away.
Upset Stomach/Gas: Digize and Gentle Baby are safe options for your little ones when dealing with the those gas pains and reflux.
Fussiness & Sleep: Apply Peace & Calming or Lavender every night to help your little one get a good nights rest. May be applied to bottoms of feet or diffused prior to bedtime. Also great to use during a tantrum, I apply Peace & Calming on the bottoms of my sons feet, and almost instantly he is able to relax.

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