Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Shenanigans

This Monday I woke up with a sudden urge to do something random and the Houston Arboretum popped into mind. I don't even know what made me think of it, especially since I had never been there before. But any-who, it did and we went. Unfortunately Keith had to work on Memorial Day (make up for one of the ice days) so instead I brought my trusted companion Troub with me.

Troub begged to jump in the pond but I wasn't having it. I made him sit by the water so I could snap this photo and he kept inching his way forward to put at least his paw in the water. He's a rebel.

That's right, I took a selfie with my dog. #unashamed

It started raining on our drive home and that just made the day even more perfect! While driving, I heard a commercial on the radio for a sale at Half Price Books. Next up on the Memorial Day adventure, BOOKSTORE!!! I knew that I wanted to buy Jane Eyre because I lost my copy from high school wanted to re-read it since it was my favorite book back then. Guys, I'm not joking when I say I stared at four different copies of Jane Eyre just trying to decide which cover I wanted. (If you are one of my family members you know how true this statement really is). I cannot make decisions for the life of me. For some reason I decided upon this little lady and she made a wonderful addition to my rainy day. 

Speaking of wonderful additions, I just added this recipe to the "keeper" pile.  If you love shortbread and tea, this will be your jam. It was a super easy and quick recipe to make, plus I felt really fancy drinking my ginger peach tea with some tea cookies. 

At the beginning of my time off, I was really struggling. I wanted to make sure each day was packed with productive activities. I was praying one night that I would quit stressing myself out about my time off and really enjoy the blessing it is. Keith has been so encouraging and always asks what fun things I got to do each day. I am so blessed by a man who doesn't want me to feel bad about doing fun things while he works to provide for us!

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