Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pinterest Party

Pinterest party - a party where people finally make a few of the things they've "pinned" on Pinterest. 

My cousin Jackie turned 26 and to celebrate, she threw a Pinterest party. She picked out three crafts for us to complete: monogrammed wine glass tumblers, dinosaur wine corks, and terrariums. All of the food was made from recipes found on Pinterest. 

First up: Terrariums!!! All of the glass bowls and bags of potting soil were purchased at Dollar Tree. The succulents were purchased at Lowes; we also used some rocks and a little bit of moss. Each person added anywhere from two to three succulents per bowl and of course a dino.

The inspiration: (Found HERE)

Our version:




Next we completed our monogrammed wine glass tumblers. The tumblers were purchased at Dollar Tree...what a steal right?! The Cricut was used to cut out vinyl letters to stick on to our cups. I'm pretty sure everyone opted to do initials instead of monograms and I think they turned out to be adorable!

The inspiration: (Found HERE)

Monogrammed Wine Tumbler

Our version:



Our final craft was more of a Pinterest fail... the spray paint we used came out chunky and made the dinosaurs look like they had a crazy disease. So I went without paint and and just hot glued the guy on there.

The inspiration: (Found HERE)

Gilded Animal Wine Stopper DIY - Twinkle and Toast 

Our version:



Here are a few more photos from this awesome party:

 I hope everyone gets the chance to go to a Pinterest party one day. I'm telling you, it will change your life.

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