Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preparing for Swimsuit Season with Essential Oils

Eeeek! It's May and I should have started preparing for swimsuit season a while ago! Now that I'm out of school I have had three pool/beach days, gotten burned once, and have experienced super dry skin as a result. I'm so thankful for all of these oil resources from the Pretty Oil to help me to now tackle swim suit season like a pro. No more sunburn and dry skin for this girl. 

Anyone else experience the problem of EXTREME exhaustion following a day of laying out in the sun? I come home and immediately have the desire to take a nap, which is outrageous since that is basically all I did while laying out in the sun. Now I don't have to face the fear of losing a day's worth of productivity when I lay out. "Thanks peppermint oil!"

Along with the resources from the Pretty Oil, I have a variety of Pinterest boards I now follow. I feel like I am DIYing/life hacking everything with oils these days and it makes me feel too legit. Too legit to quit. (Sorry not sorry) 

Here are a few of the boards I follow:

Please feel free to share any recipes or helpful tips for using oils!!!

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